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“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was….it’s a miracle!” – S.S.

This is not another TALKING THERAPY

Talking didn't cause the PTSD and talking is not good at clearing it. Talking may work for some people but not most.

The real problem is FEELINGS, not just any feelings but OVERWHELMING feelings from a TRAUMATIC memory.


Using our experience, we know how to connect to strong feelings in other people and how to clear them in the shortest possible time.

"I am still amazed today because PTSD was the emotional backdrop to my life and now I just can’t bring the fear that haunted me to mind.” 

Longer video explaining the technique with a demonstration at 13:33


"My partner had suffered with PTSD all his life. He had spent thousands of pounds on treatment and explored many different avenues to alleviate his symptoms. After 3 sessions with John he was like a new man. He had light in his eyes, and joy in his heart. He has lost over 2 stone in weight and his diabetic medication has been halved. Needless to say, our relationship has been transformed. Thank you for all that you have done for us.” 

- Ms S.

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